Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Baja 2017 - The Spring Return

The Baja and motorcycles were meant for each other and this was our 3rd visit in the past 16 months.  A group of friends rode our bikes from San Diego to San Jose del Cabo in November of 2016 and left them in storage over the winter.  It was time for the return trip north and to get some much needed sun.

Off road or on, the Baja is a fantastic place to ride.

The two best things about the Baja, besides the sun, is riding and food and the best riding and food can be found away from the resort areas.

I'll go out of my way to hit up the stuffed peppers at Smokey's in Los Barriles.

Dirt and the Sea of Cortez.

A video recap of the 2017 ride.

Spring is finally here and Baja was a great way to get back into riding for 2017.  

Where will you be riding this year?

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