Thursday, 15 December 2016

Baja 2016 - Dirt, Sand, Rocks, Broken Parts, Great Food, Good Friends and Fun!

This is the second year in a row that I made the trek to Baja with a group of good friends for 10 days of riding and soaking up some much needed sun.

The plan was to spend as much time as possible off road and visit some new places.  Mission accomplished, sort of...

The challenge with getting off the pavement in the Baja is the unknown conditions of the roads.  The can range from hard back to rock fields and deep sand.  Don't forget the silt pits either...  The conditions can change if their's rain or if there's been a lot of traffic on the road.  The real off road hazard is the washout sections.  They can occur anywhere and are often difficult to spot.  Being observant and slowing down if you're not able to see far ahead is key.

There were a few crashes and bent bike parts, mainly the protective crash bars, however the scenery was well worth the challenge.

Tecate border crossing.  We're getting our tourist permit.

Day one in the dirt

A sketchy foot bridge over a dried river bed

Crossing the sketchy bridge...

Time for a snack and shade

The "famous" Coco's Corner - A Baja landmark

One of many...

It takes a team to clean an air filter

Pancho's place at San Rafeal - This place is remote and apparently the fishing is great

Pancho loves visitors and would love to have more

The most unique lighthouse in the Baja and yes it works

How to get to Pancho's place

Heading inland from San Rafeal

The "hard" road into San Juanico

Roadside repair

Scorpion Bay near the village of San Juanico, Baja

The Scorpion Bay Hotel

Street art in San Juanico

Mi amigo Hiram at Motosport Racing in La Paz who fixed my radiator and got me back on the road

The best Poppers (Butt Stingers) on the planet at Smoky's in Los Barriles 

The end of the road for this trip.  San Jose Del Cabo

Baja is a great destination to ride, eat and soak up the sun.  We'll be back for the ride north in March of 2017.  More dirt and beaches!

Gerald Trees
Dream Your Ride

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