Thursday, 19 March 2015

I Drive My Wife Crazy When We Travel

I drive my wife crazy when we travel.  OK, I driver her crazy at other times too, but that’s a whole different story.

I’m the travel planner of the family and when we travel I have a general plan of attack and direction.  When I’m traveling with my wife I also have a good idea of where we’ll spend the night at the end of the day.  After that anything’s possible and that’s what drivers her nuts.  I like exploring and she likes certainty, which makes for interesting traveling.

If I see a road I’ve never been down, especially if the horizon looks interesting, I’m going down that road.  When that happens, and it happens often, this is our typical conversation.

Wife:  Where are we going?

Me:  We’re going to see what’s down this road.

Wife:  What’s down there?  Will I like it?

Me:  I don’t know, that’s what were going to find out.

Wife:  It might be a dead end with nothing to see, then what?

Me:  Then we’ll know and we’ll turn around.

Wife:  It’s probably going to be a waste of time.

Me:  Never!

Wife:  Silence…

Most of the time we find these detours to be the best part of the trip and the “duds” are still fun because of the possibility that there may be something beautiful, unusually or unexpected along the way.

At the end of one of our "side trips" to Navajo National Monument, Arizona
I love traveling with my wife and look forward to the trips we take together, especially when we’re on the motorcycle.  Besides being with her, I love the look on her face when she sees something that was unexpected or she’s never seen before.  Of course there are those times where I’m get punched in the ribs for scaring her…

Coral Pink Sand Dunes, Arizona - Another successful "detour"
If you’re the explorer type, take someone with you who may never go exploring on their own and if you’re the type who likes to know what’s around the corner or at the end of the road, find an explorer and trust them to keep you safe and entertained.

Another "find" at the end of a ride / hike - Weiner Falls, British Columbia

Gerald Trees
Dream Your Ride

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