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Honda Gold Wing - The Best Two-Up Touring Motorcycle On The Road

Honda Gold Wing – The Best Two-Up Touring Motorcycle On The Road

Warning!  Stop reading right now if you want to keep your "significant other" happy and comfortable on the motorcycle you already have or the one you want to buy.  If you want a very happy "significant other" read away.

A happy Gold Wing passenger.
Honda has been building the Gold Wing for 40 years and while the there have been revisions to the motorcycle, they’ve been few and far between.  Yes, there are a number of great touring motorcycles out there that range from the classic Harley Davidson Ultra Limited to the uber techno BMW GTL 1600, and yet Honda does the best at making the passenger the most comfortable.

The Gold Wing is big, heavy and yet once it begins moving a lot of that weight disappears.  It also has many little things that make it an outstanding touring machine for couples.  It has more then enough room to carry luggage for you and your “significant other” for a week or more, small storage areas for cameras and cell phones and a sound system that rivals many cars.  From a comfort standpoint, the Gold Wing has the most comfortable passenger seat in the business.  Add dual controlled heated seats and the ability to direct heat from the engine on the riders and passengers legs and your passenger will love to go just about anywhere with you.  One of the most useful features on the Gold Wing is the two lockable helmet locks below the trunk.  Once you use this feature, you’ll wonder why others haven’t put this feature in their motorcycles.

Plenty of storage to make a long trip comfortable and convenient for two.
The Gold Wing also has plenty for the rider too.  Lets start with a smooth, powerful and reliable 1800cc boxer 6-cylinder engine that’s married with a deceptively agile chassis and the big bike will corner with the best of the hefty touring bikes on the market.   I’ve found it very enjoyable to ride, having put over 3,000 miles on the bike and this is coming from a Adventure Touring / Sport Touring “freak”.

Oak Creek Canyon in Arizona was a perfect test road for two-up corner carving.  The Gold Wing passed!

The Gold Wing will also manage a dirt road with patients and the right rider.  This one was a challenge with a nervous wife on the back.

If you want to spend some time exploring the paved byways with your significant and have them enjoy the ride well enough to look forward to the ride, take a Gold Wing for a ride.

 Scenic roads, two people and adventure ahead.  The Gold Wing is built for this.

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