Sunday, 21 December 2014

Short Days, Adventures Close and Gas A La Burra!

Short Days, Adventures Close and Gas A La Burro!

One of the many viewpoints on Vancouver Island, BC Canada

Today is December 21st and for those of us in the northern hemisphere it’s the shortest day of the year.  Tomorrow we begin the long climb out of darkness and into the longer days of spring and summer.  But before the days get too long (Is that even possible?), Christmas and New Years will have to be dealt with. 

Christmas is a day for family, friends while New Years is the beginning of another year of adventures and like every year before, should be filled with unexpected surprises and the fulfillment of at least one dream.  You will be responsible for your own surprises and fulfilling your own dreams. 

Leading up to the shortest day of the year I was able to get in one more adventure and it was found close to my home on Vancouver Island.  My home is only a few minutes away from a maze of logging roads, both active and inactive, which leads to some amazing country with world-class views.  This allows me to go exploring and find new areas in just a few hours.  While you may live in a different part of the world, I can guarantee that there are adventures and places to explore only a short distance from your house.  You just have to find.

A short adventure, close to home.

 The back side of Mount Arrowsmith, Vancouver Island

Finally, one of my favorite racing events of the year, the Dakar Rally will begin in 14 days.  The rally is the most grueling event on the planet, period.  For motorcyclist it combines speed, the need for off road riding skills, a requirement that the competitor must know their motorcycle inside and out and know how to maintain and repair their bike along the 14 day event.  Oh, they’ll also need to be masters of navigation and in peak physical shape.  These competitors, men and women alike, are truly all around athletes.  The reward for all of the competitors will be to finish the event, all the stages, and the bonus is the spectacular scenery of South America.

As we are quickly approaching the end of 2014 I would like to leave you with an expression that my favorite rally competitor, Marc Coma, signs his blog and facebook entries with.  Gas A La Burra!  In other words give it everything you’ve got.

Gerald Trees
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