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2014 Is History - Happy New Year!

2014 Is History - Happy New Year

Well, there are only a few hours left in 2014, at least here on the west coast of Canada.  Quite a bit has happened this year, including some significant “downs” and exciting “ups”.  In other words, life has happened.  Actually, I’ve directed my life better this year then at anytime in my life and it’s been fun.

First, the “downs”…  In January I received word that a friend had passed away suddenly from a heart attack, just a few months away from his 50th birthday.  We had a lot of fun during our high school years and into our first year of college.  Imagine a large yellow Ford 4X4 (his) and cruising the streets of Roseville, California, setting off Estes model rocket engines in science class and  “borrowing” his older brothers 67’ Camaro.  In fact his brother’s Kawasaki KZ 900 was responsible for my first 100+ mph experience on a motorcycle.  Erik I will miss you!

In June I received word from another close friend that she had contracted a form of leukemia and that the treatment was going to be a long one.  She’s a fighter and will be going through the most critical time of her treatment in the next two weeks.  My thoughts and prayers are with you Marci.

The last downer of the year came in July when another friend and my business partner passed away from a heart attack while on a 2-week bicycle ride through the Canadian Rockies.  I was in Peru when I received the news.  Frances, you packed more into 56 years then most people will experience in a lifetime.  You taught me a great deal about passion and taking action on my dreams.  The past 12 years were a fun ride.  Thank You!

Now for the good stuff!

About this time last year Paul Opp, a former teacher of mine and friend asked if I wanted to go riding in the Andes of Peru and I said yes.  I’ve always wanted to visit South America and this trip sounded too good to miss.  The trip took place in July and it was even better then I could ever imagine.  The riding was spectacular as was the scenery.  My favorite part was walking across a bridge made of grass and twigs.  Few people find this place and even fewer walk across it.

Q'eswachaka crossing video

 Peru Trip highlight video

A month before the Peru trip, my wife and I took a trip through the Canadian Rockies along the Icefields Parkway between Lake Louise and Jasper Alberta.  I’ll let the pictures do the talking, as words are insufficient when trying to describe this part of the world.

 The final big adventure of the year took place in September when my wife and I flew to Las Vegas and picked up a Honda Gold Wing for a weeklong ride through Nevada, Arizona and Utah.  The US National Park system is a treasure that more people should explore, especially in this part of the country. 

 This past year I made the decision to become more involved in the direction I wanted my life to take.  The death of my friend Erik was a big part of that decision.  I can say without hesitation that taking action and being active in how you want your life is the only way to life.  Taking this action has attracted many new people in my life who’ve made that same choice and what a blessing they’ve been to me.

2015 will be even better and I trust and hope that my readers will make the decision to take action in making their dreams, especially their dream motorcycle ride a reality.

Have fun, ride safe and go exploring.

Gerald Trees
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