Friday, 17 October 2014

Utah Route 261 and an encounter with the Moki Dugway

Utah Route 261 and an encounter with the Moki Dugway

Utah route 261 is a 34-mile stretch of road that connects US 163 to the south and Utah route 95 (Bicentennial Highway) to the north.  That’s the dull details.  Here are the reasons to explore this short, but scenic road.

The Upside down Mexican Hat.

OK, this is 3 miles south of 261 however you’ve got to see it.

The Valley Of The Gods.

Monument Valley is better known and yet The Valley Of The Gods is equally spectacular.

Cedar Mesa.

Overlooking the Valley of The Gods.

The Moki Dugway.

This awesome and challenging 3 mile, 1,500 ft elevation changing, hairpin corner laden gravel road is the real reason to take Utah 261. 

Yes, we took a Honda Gold Wing up this road.

Gerald Trees
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  1. Very nice. Radials or bias on the Wing?

  2. The tire was the stock wing tire.

  3. I missed Route 261 when we rode out that way. I've been wanting to ride back out that way. I will check it out when we do... Thanks for the post...

    1. My pleasure Ivan. All of Utah is an amazing place to ride.