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Navajo National Monument & Monument Valley

 Navajo National Monument & Monument Valley

Our quest of the day was to ride from Page, AZ to Monument Valley and spend some time at the Navajo Tribal Park in Northeast Arizona.  The route from Page, southeast on Arizona Route 98 is relaxing.  The road winds through some beautiful landscapes and surreal sandstone formations.  At the end of the road we took a left on US 160 and headed east toward Kayenta, AZ.

The plan was to ride to Kayenta, AZ and have lunch before riding into Monument Valley, and then we saw the sign to Navajo National Monument.  The best part of adventure riding is being able to take detours to places or down roads that were unforeseen in the planning and so we turned off on a 22-mile detour along Arizona 564, which was well worth the extra time. 

Navajo National Monument is a great place to learn about the history of the area and if you’re into hiking, there are some easy trails that will take you to different parts of the canyon, including a viewpoint where you can see remains of cave dwellings.  Be sure to make the visitor center your first stop.  The ranger will help you plan your visit.

Navajo National Monument, Arizona

Returning to US 160, we rode to Kayenta, which is the southern gateway to Monument Valley and it’s located at the junction of US 160 and US 163.  Kayenta is a great place to stop for gas and food and more history of the Navajo Nation.  One of the most interesting places to stop is the local Burger King.  That’s right Burger King.  During WWII a group of Navajo known as the Navajo Code Talkers were instrumental in developing a code that was virtually unbreakable and was a key element to the success of the US military in the South Pacific.  A historical display is set up in the Kayenta Burger King and it’s well worth visiting, hungry or not.

Heading north on US 163 is breath taking.  The rock formations of Monument Valley are out of this world and can be very distracting.  Just past the Arizona – Utah border is the entrance to Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park and this location offers the best views of the valley and is well worth the price of admission.  Take your time and enjoy the views!

Riding through Monument Valley, Arizona

On this trip I was riding a Honda Gold Wing, which kept us on the pavement, I will be returning to ride and explore the dirt roads of the area around Kayenta and Monument Valley.  The area is an off road playground and must be explored.

The area around Kayenta and Monument Valley is beautiful and yet many in the region live in less then ideal conditions.  There is a group, Lost For A Reason, that is made up of motorcycle riders and enthusiasts and their goal is to help make life a little better for the people in the region.  Give their website,, a view.  This short video explains what they goal of the group is.

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