Saturday, 11 October 2014

Fear - Use It!

Fear – Use it!

The talk around the water cooler last week was how people have become afraid of just about everything.  It’s easy to see where this is coming from as all you have to do is read the headlines.  Ebola, ISIS, shootings in the work place and schools…  This is often the lead-in to the news.  One crises ends (or becomes “old” news) and a new crises surfaces.  People who are hooked on the news of the day and who fail to investigate further, take the position that the world is a dangerous place, become afraid and look for safety.  Fear has become big business and people are willing to pay for the illusion of safety in the form of money, votes, avoiding unknowns and giving up freedoms in exchange for the “promise” of security.

Fear is a part of our emotional make-up and you can let it control you or you can use fear as an advantage.  Those who have mastered the art of using fear to their advantage will appear to have no fear at all and are often viewed as reckless or crazy.  Some will consider them dangerous and attempt to “control” them, while others admire them and envy their fearlessness.  In reality those who have mastered fear still have fears and are afraid.   They have learned to evaluate why they are afraid, calculate the worst possible outcome and if the reward trumps the worst possible outcome they prepare for the worst and move forward with confidence and experience life to it’s fullest.  If you can do this for yourself in small things, the better you'll get at using fear as an advantage. 

When it comes to travel and exploring new places, many will stay home because they fear the unknown and possible dangers that lurk in that unknown.  My wish is that you will be bold, turn off the news, learn about where they want to go, plan accordingly and then go.  I will guarantee you that your life will be better in so many ways and you will thank yourself for pushing your limits and moving past fear.  

Fear almost kept me from crossing this Peruvian bridge made of plants and sticks.  Watching the local "guardian" of the bridge make the crossing, along with his encouragement, gave me the confidence to do it myself.  It's a memory I'll carry with me for the rest of my life.

My GoPro video of the Q'eswachaka crossing

Be bold, Dream Your Ride and GO!

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