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Dream Your Ride - Riding In The Rain

Riding In The Rain

Wet roads will happen

Riding in the rain / wet road conditions is as much of a mindset as a skill and becoming comfortable riding in these conditions is important.  Rain can occur at any time and you will encounter these conditions at some point while touring.
Rain can occur on any ride

Rain and wet roads will reduce the available traction your motorcycle has and how you ride must be adjusted to compensate.  Oil dropped by vehicles will mix with rain, further decreasing traction.  When the roads become wet, the following tips will help.
*Roads will be most slick within an hour of a rainstorm.
*Slow down.  This is the best advice for riding in rain and wet conditions.
*Smooth use of the throttle will help maintain rear wheel traction.
*Smooth brake application.  This is especially important for non-ABS motorcycles.
*Allow extra space between you and the vehicle in front of you.
*Stay in the right or left portion of the road.  There is less oil in these sections.
*Be prepared.  Wear or carry rainproof riding gear.
*Make sure your tires are in good condition and designed for wet conditions.
Stopping in the rain is different then in dry conditions due to reduced traction.  Many new motorcycles have optional or standard ABS systems.  This will help keep your wheels from sliding when stopping, however extra space for stopping will still be required.
Cornering in rain and wet conditions will also be different then in dry conditions.  Set up the corner by slowing down before beginning your turn.  Staying off the brakes in the corner and smooth application of the throttle when exiting the corner will help maintain traction throughout the turn.  There are a few motorcycles on the market that come with traction control systems that are designed to help keep the rear wheel from spinning, especially when in a corner.  These systems can be found on many sport bikes and most of the new Adventure Touring motorcycles.
The scenery can be spectacular when it rains

Riding with waterproof luggage keeps your things dry

Weather is unpredictable and you’ll likely encounter rain or wet road conditions at some point in your riding journeys.  Becoming comfortable riding in these conditions, you might enjoy it.  At the very least, you’ll be safer.
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