Monday, 15 September 2014

The Next Adventure - Mt. Rainer

The state of Washington is loaded with spectacular mountain scenery and great riding roads to get you there.  One of these routes runs between The cities of Yakima to the east and Enumclaw to the west and the gem along this route is Mt. Rainer.

Heading west on US Route 12 out of desert oasis of Yakima, home of delicious apples and a few award winning vineyards / wineries, you'll slowly climb into the Wenatchee National Forest.  Make sure you take Washington State Route 410 through Chinook Pass.

Besides the spectacular scenery, the 125 mile ride is a blend of sweeping corners along with challenging switchbacks and elevation changes.  The road is paved, however be prepared for a few bumps here and there.

As you crest Chinook and begin the decent towards Enumclaw, you'll see Mt. Rainer and it's a shockingly beautiful and very large view that you must see in person to fully appreciate the grandure.

You'll want to spend some time in this area and there are a few easy hiking trails that offer different views of the mountain.

The decent into Enumclaw is one of the most scenic and fun roads I've ridden.  Enjoy the corners, especially the first part.

Next stop, Las Vegas and the desert.

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