Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Motorcycles in Peru - They're Everywhere

After spending 10 days riding in Peru, I saw more motorcycles on the road each day then what I see in a given day, even a nice day, where I live in Canada.  My riding companion, who's from US, made the same observation.

In Peru, motorcycles are a widely used form of transportation and I'd go as far to say that few Peruvians use their motorcycle for recreation.

A typical Peruvian motorcycle.

In Peru, most motorcycles are simple single cylinder bikes that are under 200cc's.  In North America, that's a beginners motorcycle.  We consider 650's and smaller to be, well, small.  In Peru our Honda Falcon 400's were considered huge and fast.  If you see a larger motorcycle on the road, it's either part of a tour or the owner is riding through South America and is from North America or Europe.

A big motorcycle by Peruvian standards.

In Peru you can buy a Yamaha FZ16.  All 160cc's worth.

Yamaha FZ16.

While you will see a few Yamaha and Honda motorcycles on the road, most of the motorcycles in Peru are brands that are unknown in North America.

A Wanxin 250.

Finally, there is one motorcycle available in Peru that I would love to see come to North America. The Yamaha Tenere XT660.

Keep dreaming and make sure you live, and ride, your dream.

Gerald Trees
Dream Your Ride

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