Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Fly, Rent and Explore

--> Fly, Rent and Explore

I would love to be able to take two or months off, load up my motorcycle and go exploring and that is a goal that I’ve been working on for some time.  It will happen!

Until that time, I still like to explore different parts of the world on a motorcycle and for the most part do that in my own back yard of Western Canada / Western United States, riding my own motorcycle.  While this area has some amazing areas to ride, both on and off road, it is nice to see different parts of the country or the world while riding a motorcycle.  This is where renting a motorcycle comes in to the picture.

I usually have 7 to 14 days where I can break away from my main business, Optometry, and I would rather spend most of that time riding and exploring new places.  To get the most out of my time, I’ll fly to the area I want to explore, rent a motorcycle and take off. 

In North America, the most common rental motorcycle is Harley Davidson.  So far I’ve explored most of the island of Maui and all of the island of St. Martin while riding a Harley.  Last October my wife and I took a 5-day tour that began with renting a Honda Gold Wing in Las Vegas.  We rode part of Route 66 to the Grand Canyon and then explored the area between Flagstaff and Sedona.  We enjoyed the trip so much that we’ll be heading back to Las Vegas in September and take 7 days to explore the canyons in southern Utah.

My ride on Maui.  A Harley Davidson Ultra Limited.

 Exploring the island of St. Martin with friends.

Grabbing some snacks and post cards on Route 66.

My next Fly, Rent and Explore adventure will begin in 4 days when I fly to the country of Peru to spend 10 days riding and exploring part of the Andes mountain range.  On this trip the motorcycle of exploration will be a Honda Falcon 400, which is made and sold in South America.  

 My ride in Peru...

Renting a motorcycle is easy to do, provided you have a valid motorcycle license and a credit card with enough available credit to cover the security deposit, which is between $1,000.00 and $2,000.00 depending on the insurance coverage you purchase.  In North America, the places with the most rental locations are the local Harley Davidson dealership or Eaglerider.  Some Eaglerider locations will rent motorcycles other then Harley Davidson, like the Honda Goldwing.  If you’re looking for an adventure or dual sport motorcycle, there are a few locations in North America that rent this type of motorcycle and the best way to locate them is with a Google search.

If you plan on traveling outside of North America and want to rent a motorcycle, do your research.  Many of the tour companies like Edelweiss will rent motorcycles to individuals as well.  Eaglerider also has a presence outside of North America.  Do you’re homework and make sure of the licensing requirements.  Many places in Europe require drivers from other countries to have an international drivers license along with the one issued by their country, province or state.  This license is easy to get and is available through most AAA locations.

If you have limited time and want to explore on a motorcycle, try renting.  It’s fun and you may have the opportunity to ride a motorcycle that’s new to you. 

My posts for the next two weeks will be all about Peru.  Stay tuned.

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