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Adventure Touring - What Is It?

Adventure Touring – What Is It?

Riding a Honda Falcon 400 in Peru

Some will say the phenomena known as Adventure Touring began when the “Long Way Round” was released in 2004.  The reality is traveling to far away or challenging places on a motorcycle has been taking place since the invention of the motorcycle.  The documentary did show that long distance motorcycle touring was possible away from paved roadways and in less then ideal conditions.  I enjoyed the “Long Way Round” as a rider and as someone who loves to travel.  Yes, Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman had an entourage following them to document and arrange their travel, which is more then most travelers have, and yet I was inspired to travel more after watching this documentary. 

My definition of Adventure Touring is quite broad, mainly because it really is. 

The Motorcycle:

The Adventure Touring Motorcycle must,

a)     Be able to carry you and all the things you'll need for your trip.
b)    Be able to take you down any road or path you need or want to take.
c)     Be able to be ridden down a dirt or gravel road.

Engine size and output are a personal choice.  One of my Facebook “friends” has traveled from Guatemala to the USA on a Honda XR 125 L so small works.

A Honda XR 125 L outfitted for adventure

A Touratech outfitted KTM 1190 R

The Adventure Tour:

The Adventure Tour should take place on small, low traffic roads and should include at least one of the following,

a)     Pick the amount of time to be away and a direction to go, any direction, with no plans on where you’ll end up.  Enjoy the scenery, the people and the food.  Explore!
b)    Choose a destination you’ve always wanted to go and then go.

Accommodations on your tour are entirely up to you.

The scenery off the paved road can be well worth it

Perhaps the best way to sum things up is take a trip to someplace you’ve wanted to see, take a route that's fun and challenging and get off the pavement occasionally.  Enjoy your adventure!

He who lives sees but he who travels sees more

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  2. Thank you for the information Luke.

  3. I love Adventure Touring Motorcycle. This time will be going to California. Thanks for sharing. Keep exploring.

  4. My pleasure Melissa. Enjoy California!