Saturday, 5 July 2014

Adventure Close To Home - Go Exploring!

Adventure Close To Home – Go Exploring!

Adventure can be found close to home

Following my last post on Adventure Touring, a friend, Lance Gines, commented on how he had logged over 200,000 miles of adventure riding and touring all in Western North America.

Another person commented on facebook “The South Island of New Zealand is great, Turkey is wonderful but the main adventure is to take that first step out your front door and go someplace on your motorcycle. Don't wait for your dream trip. Do the trip that's possible NOW.”

Later today, I was visiting with a friend who is a retired dealership owner and avid Kawasaki KLR650 rider and he was all excited about an upcoming trip that he was going to be taking in August.  He and a friend will traveling the back roads of British Columbia on their KLR’s, spending most of the trip on the provinces logging roads.  It’s an adventure that’s right in our back yard.

All of us live in or very close to areas that are loaded with roads, paved and dirt, which you’ve likely never ridden.  Stop dreaming about taking a tour and plan something close to home.  I guarantee you’ll have fun and you’ll gain a whole new appreciation for the area you’re from.

One of many rivers to be found on Vancouver Island, British Columbia
Go exploring!

Gerald Trees

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