Sunday, 4 May 2014

Dream Your Ride - Going Time!

Dream Your Ride - Going Time!

We’re now at the end of the process of dreaming your ride.  You’ve made a decision, set a date, planned, packed and now it’s time to go.  This is the best part and it can also be the scariest, especially of it’s the first time.  This is the time to trust your plan and enjoy the ride.  Yes, things will come up on the trip that are outside of the plan from needing to change routes to realizing that you forgot something.  That’s part of the fun and adventure of taking a trip.  The greater reward is what you’ll discover on your trip.  You’ll find scenery is bigger, brighter and full of colors that are more vivid then any photograph.  You’ll notice different smells and the air will feel different then from where you came.  You’ll find people are friendly and interesting, especially other motorcyclists you’ll meet on your journey.  Finally, you’ll find a striking clearing of your mind.  You ride alone, even within a group, and being able to be alone with your thoughts is a unique and refreshing experience.

Enjoy your Dream Ride!

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