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Making Your Dream Ride A Reality - Gear Choice

Making Your Dream Ride A Reality – Gear Choice

Choosing which gear to wear is as individual as choosing which clothes to wear.  When I talk about riding gear, I’m talking about protection, gear that’s designed for riding and for giving you a fighting chance of surviving in the event of an accident.  With this in mind, here we go.

Choosing gear is an individual thing; however when you’re planning your ride and the gear you’ll be wearing, keep these in mind.

  1. Where are you going? 
  2. What time of year is it?  Keep in mind that if you’re crossing the equator the seasons will switch.  I’ll be riding the Andes in Peru in the middle of July and it’s considered winter and the coldest time of the year.
  3. What’s the weather like?  Yes, predicting the weather is a fools game, however trends and averages do hold most of the time so look it up.
  4. What type of riding will you be doing? 

Here are a few things to consider when choosing riding gear.

The Helmet

This is the most important piece of gear so choose well.  You have choices that include Full Face, Full Face Modular, Full Face Crossover, ¾ Helmet and the “Beanie”.  My favorites, and the one’s I use are the Full Faced and Full Faced Crossover.  The keys are to make sure that the helmet is comfortable, fits you and has the required certifications.

The Jacket

There are almost as many choices of jackets as there are helmets.  Materials can be leather or textile and styles range from classic to adventure.  My advice is to make sure the jacket fits, is comfortable and will match the elements you may encounter on your trip.  I own several jackets and I’ve finally found one style that works in most riding conditions that I encounter.  It’s an adventure jacket that’s waterproof, has a warm, removable liner and plenty of vents for those hot riding days.

The Pants

Pants are pants in the style department, however there are options.  I usually take a pair of protective riding jeans as well as a warmer pair on long trips.  If packing space is limited, I’ll wear my adventure riding pants, as they’ll do it all. 

The Boots

There are so many styles, designs and uses for boots so you’ll likely find more then one pair will end up on your boot shelf.  For long rides, comfort, support and the ability to walk around comfortably when you’re off the motorcycle will be features to look for.

The Gloves

Often overlooked and yet, very important.  I usually take two pair with me in the event that one pair gets wet or if you happen to lose a glove.  If you’ll be riding into cold temperatures, make sure one pair is designed for the cold.

Rain Gear

If you’re regular gear is waterproof, then your set, otherwise purchase rain gear that can be slipped over your regular gear.  These items are light and compact and you’ll be glad they’re with you because you will encounter rain if you ride far and long enough.

When shopping for touring gear, keep these three things in mind with everything you’re considering.

  1. Protection
  2. Fit
  3. Function / Versatility

Enjoy the ride.

Gerald Trees

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