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Making Your Dream Ride A Reality - Planning

--> Making Your Dream Ride A Reality – Planning

You’ve decided where you’re going to ride; however it’s still just a dream.  The transformation from a dream to actually taking you ride is planning the ride.  Planning is important and fun.

Your planning can be basic or it can be very detailed depending on who you are as a person and where you’re going.  If you’re a detail-oriented person then you’ll probably plan your trip in great detail and if you’re a person who likes that element of surprise then you’re plan will be simple.  Regardless, a plan is important.

Vancouver Island Day Trip

The basics of a plan should include.

  1. When you’ll go.
  2. How many days you’ll be gone.
  3. A travel budget. 
  4. What route you’ll be taking.  This can be a general idea or very detailed depending on how you like to plan.
  5. Motorcycle maintenance before the trip.  The best way to avoid breakdowns on a trip is to make sure your motorcycle is well maintained.
  6. What you’ll be brining.  You’ll find that what you think you need and what you’ll actually use are quite different.  The more you travel, the more you’ll refine what you bring.
  7. Navigation.  Maps, GPS and a smart phone are all possible navigation options.  Bring one or all.
  8. Where you’ll be staying along the way.
  9. What do you want to see on the trip?  This will be different for each person.
  10. Will you be riding alone, with a group or riding two-up?  This is a big one! If you’ll be going with someone else or a group, make sure everyone has the same or a similar plan.  From experience, it’s important to sit down with the person or persons you’ll be traveling with and find out what each wants to do and see.

More detail on each point can be added if you choose.

September 2014 7 day Canyon Tour

Planning is fun and it is the transformation step in fulfilling your dream ride.  Simply setting a date and the amount of time you’ll need for your ride will make your ride a reality.  The rest is to make sure you have a good time.

Gerald Trees

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