Tuesday, 18 February 2014

I Hit The Half-Century Mark

I Hit The Half-Century Mark!

A 1964 Ducati 250 Mach 1.  Innovative and beautiful in it's day.  OK Beautiful in any age.

A  Ducati Multistrada Granturismo.  50 years of innovation!

I hit the half-century mark, 50 years old.  At least that’s what my driver’s license says.  My brain on the other hand says differently and that’s the difference between growing old and getting old.  My sense of wonder is better then ever and my desire to learn and explore is still there.  From my point of view, if those elements have gone, life is boring and stagnant

For part of my birthday I chose to spend some time at the Royal British Columbia Museum in Victoria, BC.  Lately I’ve become a fan of history, at lest as it relates to innovation.  Technology, if you will.  I’m always amazed at what was accomplished 100 years ago with determination and innovation.  While some would say things were better back then, I believe that the innovators of the past would be innovators today as well.  

I’m fortunate to work in a profession that is continuing to evolve, even though a few of my colleagues’ whish it would slow down.  I’m even more fortunate to have a couple of young professionals who work for me that continue to push my learning and my methods as they question everything.  This is a good thing.

When it comes to motorcycles and traveling, I have the best of everything.  While I appreciate the past and at times fondly remember the “good old day”, the reality is that the new is pretty damn good.  My riding gear is safer, warmer, cooler and dryer then my old gear and it’s lighter.  The same goes for my helmet.  Would I go back?  Never!  The same goes for motorcycles, as what’s out there keeps getting better.  When all the new electronically controlled bikes hit the showroom floor, I had my doubts.  I’d always prided myself on being able to ride just about anything and adjust my riding to the bike.  Who needs electronics?  While I still pride myself on being able to adjust my riding to fit the bike, I’m realizing that it’s a lot more fun to have the bike adjust to my riding style.  While a few of the bikes on the market need to refine their electronics package, I recently spent some time on the 2014 KTM 1190 Adventure and WOW, I really appreciated what this bike could do.  It made me look good and it was fun!

What will the next 50 years bring?  I’ll take that one day at a time.  I will fondly remember the past and appreciate all that it was and the lessons that came from it.  I’ll continue to enjoy my “old technology” motorcycles as I’ve modified them to fit me, however I’ll also look forward to each day and the surprises that it will bring.  Including one of the new “high tech” bikes being added to my garage. 

Simply put, I’ll enjoy and appreciate life!

Gerald Trees

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