Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Adventurers Wanted!

Adventurers Wanted! 

“Dream Your Ride” is all about helping people take the motorcycle adventure of their dreams.  This year my friend Paul Opp from Peru VolunTours will help me take one of my dream adventures of riding dual sport motorcycles for 10 days in the Peruvian Andes.  Paul is looking for a few more riders to join us on this fantastic ride.

I first met Paul in high school where he was a “rookie” teacher and while he may not remember, he played a big role in a contest that won me a date with a girl I eventually married me.  Anyway, Paul can best describe who he is and what Peru VolunTours is all about.

"My name is Paul Opp, 13 years ago I made my first journey to Peru and fell in love with the culture, the people and the country. Fours years later I moved here, adopted two Peruvian daughters and started a nonprofit called  People of Peru Project. Since then we have opened a crisis center for abused girls, a free medical and dental clinic and an educational support program for poor childrenPaul with  a scarlet macaw in the Iquitos area. We also provide humanitarian services  for people all over the country from high in the Andes above Cusco to the Amazon River basin. I have worked with hundreds of groups planning trips to this amazing country, from luxury vacations to working in the slums of Belen.  If you  really want to meet and Paul in Machu Picchu - over the rainbowget to know the people and culture then Peru VolunTours is the place for you.  Each trip is customized for you. If you want the standard cookie cutter tour, I would suggest you use one of the rubber stamp tour operators. If you want a life changing experience that will impact an impoverished family......join us.

I am happy to provide all the references you would like and I guarantee that you will have an experience you will never forget. "

The “life changing experience that will impact an impoverished family” refers to the financial impact that a tour will have on Paul’s humanitarian programs in Iquitos as the proceeds from the tours go directly these programs.

Information on the ride can be found at Peru VolunTours Andes Motorcycle Tour and if you would like more details, including cost please contact Paul at

More photos of past tours can be found on facebook at Peru VolunTours Facebook Page.

If you’ve ever wanted to ride in South America, contact Paul and join us on an adventure that you’ll remember forever.

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