Monday, 13 January 2014

Why Maps

Why Maps

I became hooked on maps growing up, I found them fascinating.  The metal globe I had on my study desk was the inspiration for many dreams of far off places and travel experiences.  Today, my collection of maps keeps growing and they are still a source of dreams and inspiration for trips that will be taken.

With the wide spread use of GPS systems along with their affordable cost, maps would seem to be “old” technology and for some it is.  GPS is easy. plug in a destination and it’ll guide you there.  So Why Maps?

GPS systems are a fantastic tool for helping find a specific place in an unfamiliar city and showing you where you’re at when you get lost.  Maps, on the other hand, allow you to see the “Big Picture” when planning a trip and altering those plans when you’re on the road.  You can see all the possible routes and places to see along the way. 

There’s something about spreading a map out on the table and plotting a course.  Often I’ll find there will be a few route options and some of the roads look more entertaining then others.  For me entertaining means lots of corners and elevation changes and maps give me that information.

The other advantage of learning to read maps will be reading the map on a GPS unit.  Too often the GPS is used for instructions on how to get to a location and at times the information is inaccurate.  Being able to read the map on the GPS unit or access the map on a smart phone will allow you to navigate and make it to your destination.

For me, maps are my dream book and they help make the dream destination a reality.  

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