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Vancouver Island - Part 4, Port Renfrew to Victoria

Vancouver Island – Part 4, Port Renfrew to Victoria

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Highway 14, also known as West Coast Road is one of the most popular roads for motorcyclists on Vancouver Island.  On a sunny day you’ll encounter motorcycles of all types making their way from Victoria to Port Renfrew and back.  The scenery is spectacular as it follows the southwest coast of Vancouver Island.  Along with the scenery, the road is filled with corners and elevations changes.  Perfect for a day trip or as part of the Pacific Marine Circle Route.  The road is narrow in places and there are many places where the pavement has “heaved”, which can make for a rough ride so take care.

The ride form Port Renfrew to Jordan River is the best part of the ride, with tight corners, rapid elevations changes and spectacular views.  A stop by the beach in Jordan River is a must.

Jordan River, BC

After Jordan River the road will become busier and likely slower in pace.  A few kilometers south of French Beach Provincial Park you’ll need to look for a small “A” frame building that houses the Shirley Delicious Café.  The proprietors are very friendly and the coffee, pies and other pastries are reason enough to take this ride.  It’s on the ocean side of the road.

Shirley Delicious Cafe

After enjoying the treats at the café, you’ll find that the roads and the area will become more populated and busy as you near Victoria.  The next area of size is Sooke, BC.  Sooke use to be a quiet coastal village, however it’s grown as Victoria has grown, still keeping many of it’s small town charm.  If you’re looking for a great place to spend the night outside of the busy Victoria area, consider the Best Western Prestige Oceanfront Resort.  It’s quiet and the location is first class.

 Best Western Prestige Oceanfront Resort

Sooke Waterfront

 From Sooke it’s a short ride to Victoria, Vancouver Island’s largest and best-known city.  However, on the way out of Sooke, stop at the historic 17 Mile House Pub for food and refreshment.

17 Mile House Pub

 Once you're in Victoria, stop and enjoy a little taste of Britian and the charms of British Columbia's capital.

Victoria, BC

Gerald Trees

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