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Dream Your Ride - Vancouver Island Part 1 - Introduction

--> Vancouver Island Part 1 - Introduction

 A view of central Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island, British Columbia is my home and it’s an amazing playground for motorcyclists and motorcycles of all styles.

Located on Canada’s west coast, Vancouver Island is the 43rd largest island in the world.  It has a length of 290 miles (460 km) and is 50 miles (80 km) wide at the widest point.  The city of Victoria is located at the southern tip and is one of North America’s popular vacation destinations.  Unfortunately many visitors only experience Victoria, leaving the rest of Vancouver Island waiting to be explored.
The “Island” has something for everyone and that includes the motorcyclist.  The roads on the “Island” are paved and in great condition, with the exception of a few roads that lead to a few small communities.  Even these can be ridding safely and comfortably on most motorcycles.  For the Adventure Touring and Dual Sport rider there are hundreds of miles of dirt and gravel roads that have been created for the logging industry and allow access to areas that few will ever see.

The paved roads are amazing

 Dual Sport and Adventure motorcycles have a place on Vancouver Island
Vancouver Island has Canada’s mildest climate with daytime temperatures rarely dipping below freezing during the winter months and summer daytime temperatures that are usually between 75 degrees F (24 C) and 85 degrees F (29 C).  Even though the temperatures on Vancouver Island are mild, come prepared with rain gear as rain is always possible, especially on the west coast of the Island.
There are no bridges to Vancouver Island so getting here will involve traveling on a ferry from one four (4) terminals located on the main land.  Two (2) terminals are located in British Columbia via BC Ferries and two (2) are located in Washington State.  All of the ferries are a combination of passenger and vehicle and are very accommodating to motorcyclists.

 The ferry system is very accommodating to motorcycles and their riders
The best riding months are from May through October, however Vancouver Island can be ridding all year if you have the right gear and are OK riding in the rain.
Over the next few posts I’ll introduce you to my favorite riding spots, including photos that I trust will get you thinking about making a Dream Ride to Vancouver Island.
A view of the Kennedy River along the Pacific Rim Highway, Vancouver Island BC

Gerald Trees
Dream Your Ride 

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