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Bucket List Rides Part 1

Bucket List Rides Part 1

In 2011 three friends and I took two weeks and rode from Vancouver Island to the Sturgis motorcycle rally.  For three of us it was our first time and one of the bucket list rides for each of us.  The Sturgis rally may be best know for the crazy antics of a few, however the majority of people who attend either spend a day or less in the area or go to ride the Black Hills.

We took six days to get to Sturgis and covered 6 states on the way.  On our journey we met quite a few people who, like us, where working their way to Sturgis.  For some it was their first time and for others it was an annual pilgrimage.  Of all the people I spoke with on the trip, three stand out.

The first was a gentleman who we met at Craters Of The Moon national monument in Idaho.  He was from Sacramento, California and was on his long trip.  He told us he had always wanted to ride to the Sturgis rally, however work and life got in the way.  His wife had passed away form a long battle with cancer and so he decided it was time to take some time.  He bought a Harley Sportster and was off on an adventure he had always wanted to take.  We ran into him again in Yellowstone Park and he was loving his adventure.

The second was a couple of 25 year-olds who had loaded up their old Sportsters and headed west from Washington DC.  I didn’t know a Sportster could pack that much stuff and I was impressed that they were still smiling after so many miles on a bike with little suspension and a very thin seat.  Every thing they saw and everyone they met was exciting to them.  They were surprised to meet a group from Canada and I doubt they believed us when we told them our trip was about the same length as theirs.

The third was a 72 year-old gentleman that was staying in the same hotel as we were.  I struck up a conversation with him while we both were washing our motorcycles.  He was from Atlanta and had been on the road only two days.  He mentioned that he had covered 1,000 miles on the first day and would have covered more if the weather had cooperated.  Even though he toured extensively on his motorcycle, the rally was one of the few remaining rides on his bucket list.  Awesome!

Bucket List rides are important and the thing I learned from these people is that you’re never too young or too old to make a dream ride and begin taking these rides now, before it’s too late. 

Gerald Trees
Dream Your Ride

PS:  If you burn through your list, keep adding to it.  There are so many great and wonderful places to visit.

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