Tuesday, 31 December 2013

2013 Is History!

--> 2013 Is History

I started out writing this last entry for 2013 with the intent of reflecting back on the year and all that happened.  Instead, I suited up and went for a ride, as it’s rare to have a dry and reasonably warm day on December 31st in Canada.

My final ride of 2013 was awesome.  I followed some dirt roads that I’ve not been on in years and was blessed with a view from the waters edge and then from high above the valley where I live.  That’s how a year should end!

Moving on to 2014 in just a few hours (for some of you 2014 is already here), I’m looking forward to the adventures and challenges lie ahead.  That, and a Bucket List ride.  More on that later…

Happy New Year!

Gerald Trees 

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